Grundtvig Institute


To enable the school effectively realise its Education for Life philosophy it operates both a vocational curriculum and an awareness curriculum.

  • Diploma – 2 Years: 
(1) Computer Science/Studies. 
(2) Catering and Hotel Management
. (3) Fashion and Textile Design.
 (4) Secretarial Administration/Studies
  • Certificate  - 3 to 12 Months:  (1) Computer Studies and Applications. (
2) Computer Desktop Publishing. (
3) Computer Programming. (
4) Computer Software Development
. (5) Computer/Secretarial Studies. (
6) Catering and Hotel Management. (
7) Fashion and Textile Design.
  • Remedial Program
: (1) GCE/SSCE/NECO Preparatory Classes.

These are programmes aimed at developing attitudes, discipline, self confidence, initiative, resourcefulness, co-operative spirit etc in the students. Participation in the awareness courses of the Institute is mandatory for all students and forms part of the graduating requirements. The courses include:

  • The Grundtvig Hour
  • Democracy and Human Rights
  • You and the News
  • Culture and Society
  • People That Changed Their Societies
  • Group Studies/Activities
  • Meeting Point
  • Community Involvement

  • The Grundtvig Institute is affiliated to the Federal Polytechnic Oko for the purpose of awarding National Diploma Certificates in Secretarial Studies which can lead to Direct Entry (DE) into the Polytechnic for the Higher National Diploma (HND).
  • The Grundtvig Institute is affiliated with the Delta State University Consultancy Services Abraka for the award of Proficiency Diplomas and Certificates.
  • These educational bodies help in regulating and moderating the academic/vocational work of the Grundtvig Institute, and issue certificates to G.I. graduates at the end of their study.

The Grundtvig Institute is also a (General Certificate of Education) GCE Examination Centre for the West African Examinations Council (WAEC).

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Let us not deck the youth out with knowledge and give them the claws of wild beasts so they can accumulate worldly goods.”- Kristen Kold (1816-1870)
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