Aspire to Success
Achieve Dreams

Grundtvig Institute is a tertiary vocational institution owned by the Grundtvig Movement of Nigeria, a non-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO) registered by the Federal Government of Nigeria under the Land (Perpetual Succession) Act Cap. 98. Grundtvig Institute was founded in the year 1984 by Dr. Kachi E. Ozumba (1942-2011).
Our mission is to provide Education For Life. We equip students with vocational skills and assist them to rediscover themselves and to develop a sense of real self-worth, merit and ability.


Fully Equipped

To enable the school effectively realise its Education for Life philosophy, it operates both a vocational curriculum and an awareness curriculum. Grundtvig Institute is fully equipped with facilities for our key vocational departments:


Vocational Departments:

See below, brief info about our four vocational departments. Flick the images to scroll (on mobile devices). Click on the image thumbnails (on PCs and laptops).

Unique Education

Grundtvig Institute is unique in that it differs from the bookish educational system in the country which is now producing unemployed, undisciplined and frustrated graduates. The Grundtvig Institute aims at producing graduates who are fully equipped to live lives useful and satisfactory to themselves, to their families and communities and to the nation.