The Grundtvig Institute is committed to empowering disadvantaged students with the opportunity to study at the School. Full scholarships are given to such students through periodic selections under the School’s and Danish Friends of Grundtvig Nigeria scholarship programmes. Furthermore, the Maxlife Foundation, set up by Distinguished Senator Stella Oduah, regularly sponsors scores of students to study on full scholarship at the Grundtvig Institute as part of its youth empowerment initiative partnership.

Self Employment

The Grundtvig Institute Graduate Self-Employment Loan Scheme (GIGSELS): Graduates of the Grundtvig Institute who wish to set up their own businesses can apply to the Institute for financial assistance. Successful applications will be selected on merit. The money for the Grundtvig Institute's Graduate Self-Employment Loan Scheme (GIGSELS) was first provided as a grant by the Government of Denmark in 1991 and is now being maintained by the Institute, currently being repackaged as a grant scheme in the face of present realities.


Unique Education

Grundtvig Institute is unique in that it differs from the bookish educational system in the country which is now producing unemployed, undisciplined and frustrated graduates. We equip students to live lives useful and satisfactory to themselves, their communities & the nation. The curriculum and teaching are inspired by the philosophy of “Education for Life”.